Client Service

Manager of Financial Reporting, Global Energy and Petrochemical Company
“I utilize AXIA Partners on an on-going basis because the consultants they provide to me are consistently knowledgeable, technically proficient and professional. They are an effective alternative to the Big 4.”

Executive Vice President & CFO, Renewable Energy Company
“AXIA has provided excellent consulting resources that I have utilized on an interim basis. The personnel are competent, with excellent communication, problem solving capabilities and analytical skills. The AXIA consultants have been resourceful and very quick at coming up with solutions when no instructions or guidelines are given.”

CIO, Offshore Drilling Company
“When I needed a CIO consultant to help me roll out and mature our IT Management and Control framework, AXIA was the company I recruited. It took little time for the AXIA consultant to see the vision and start taking initiative to drive toward it. His work ethic and results are consistently high in quality and quantity. There is a luxury to being able to turn your back on a consultant and know the ball will not be dropped.”

Assistant Controller, Mid-Stream Energy Logistics Company
“Axia Partners has provided us with excellent customer service which has addressed our needs from staff augmentation, process consultation, system implementations, and recruiting for full time resources. Whatever our needs have been, Axia has provided us with the resources that have the skillsets, business acumen, and experience that is best suited for the situation. In addition, Axia has always been very timely at responding to our requests and working with members of our team to find immediate solutions to issues. We truly appreciate and value our relationship with the entire Axia team for the service they have and continue to provide us.”

Human Resources Manager, Exploration and Production Company
“The extra effort and attention to detail put in by AXIA consultants makes cumbersome work go smoothly. They take the time to set expectations and are very respectful of our time.  They are always prepared and take great notes to help us with the process year after year.  Additionally, they have a very pleasant and easy going personality that makes it a pleasure to work with them.”

BlackLine Implementation

Corporate Accounting Manager, E&P Subsurface Solutions Company
“Overall, our Blackline implementation has been a great success due in large part to the high-caliber expertise brought to us by AXIA. AXIA was instrumental in keeping us on schedule for our Global roll-out by addressing concerns in a timely fashion. AXIA shared their project management expertise through the development of a step-by-step plan with achievable milestones.

AXIA did an excellent job of providing and implementing training for Train the Trainer and SMEs. As we have employees around the globe, they hosted web sessions that addressed time conflicts and made our overseas employees more comfortable. It is a great benefit to Blackline clients to invest in this service as it provides some expertise to the users of the system not just the implementation team. It allows the client to focus on day-to-day operations and have experts on staff once the Blackline and AXIA consultants have left the client site.

AXIA is flexible in their ability to meet the needs of the different levels of accounting staff and managers. People have different levels of learning, and the AXIA team was able to adapt their teaching style to each person to allow them to achieve the most benefit from her training and remain comfortable and engaged in the process.”

Corporate Accounting Manager, Global Oilfield Services Company
“Frankly, our implementation would have been much more difficult if we had not had AXIA on the ground with us. We definitely benefitted from their Blackline implementation expertise, specifically their ability to come up with alternatives and solutions to our difficult issues.

AXIA is very knowledgeable with all of the templates which made it seem easy to match our various reconciliation types with those of Blackline. AXIA was especially good with our one-on-one training, but also very effective in a classroom setting.”

AXIA Experience

AXIA Recruiting
“When recently looking for my new job, my husband recommended a friend at AXIA to help me through the recruiting process. She really listened to what I wanted, communicated well and often with opportunity updates, and provided helpful guidance and tips when needed. She fully supported me through the entire process. I couldn’t have asked for a better recruiter and I found the perfect job in the process. Thanks AXIA!”

AXIA Recruiting
“I recently found myself looking for a new job after just one year at my previous employer, a position I never thought I would be in. I had worked with other recruiters in the past but did not have overly positive experiences with them. Luckily, I knew someone who worked at AXIA and I decided to contact her for my new search. It was definitely the right choice because she was positive and uplifting about my situation and found me a company where she knew I would be able to have an impact and be back to the work environment that I was craving. I am extremely happy with my new position and company and have AXIA to thank for it!”